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As we reconstruct the finance related portion of the ECC website, we welcome your input on finance-related topics that would be helpful to address for churches. Please email your suggestions to Marcia Friedman.

Finance Communique Memo

Recent examples of local Church resourcing include:

Finance Communique (Oct. 2015) – Download now


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Bethany Benefit Service

Bethany Benefit Service provides eligible ministers, church workers, and missionaries with medical, dental, prescription, vision, life, and long-term disability benefits.

Covenant Pension Plan

The Evangelical Covenant Church provides participating ministers defined retirement benefits through the Covenant Pension Plan.

GuideStone Financial Resources

Participating ministers and lay Church staff of the Evangelical Covenant Church can set up a 403(b)9 retirement account with GuideStone Financial Services.

Setting up Online Giving

In partnership with NCP, we have structured an online giving platform for local church use, as the lowest rates available in the market.

Covenant Trust Company

Covenant Trust Company provides trustee and management services for most revocable living trusts and various types of irrevocable trusts arranged by Covenant Estate Planning Services.

National Covenant Properties

National Covenant Properties provides investment opportunities to friends and members of the ECC as well as loans for new church construction and church additions.