FOWM 218: Grace International School in Thailand

Missionary service is often a “family affair”, as many missionaries,have young children who accompany them in their ministry. Missionary parents can be more effective if they know their children are being equipped educationally, emotionally, and spiritually while growing up in a different culture.

Fortunately, Grace International School (GIS), a Christian school located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, serves more than 500 children of Christian missionaries who lead ministries throughout Southeast Asia. GIS is a place that educates and equips tomorrow’s young Christian leaders and enables their families to be Christ’s “hands and feet” among people throughout Southeast Asia. It’s a global community that allows families to say “yes” to missionary service, knowing that the children’s educational needs will be met. Continue Reading »

Chiang Mai Camp Project – Mission Projects

A camp is being developed to use as a training center in northern Thailand.  Help partner with us to complete our camp meeting hall and housing building to do outreach and train a new generation of Thai believers. Continue Reading »

FOWM 208: Leadership Development Center in Thailand

Ministry in Thailand is expanding rapidly as more churches and believers emerge. Through FOWM project #208, we are supporting the growth of the Thai Church and its ministries by constructing a place where pastors, leaders and missionaries can gather to learn about subjects that will assist them in their ministry. This is Friends of World Mission Project 208. Continue Reading »

Thailand Business & IT Support

There has been a continued emphasis on developing small business enterprises in Thailand as a support base for ministries and to integrate with economic development projects. This has often required assistance in the areas of business management, financial controls, and computer training. Your donation will help support business and information technology development in Thailand. Continue Reading »

Thailand CCENT Fish Hatchery

The Center for Church Enablement (CCENT) took out a bank loan to purchase an additional seven acres of land to expand its fish hatchery production in 2006. The hatchery has been making monthly payments on the loan, but the interest rate has risen from the original 6% to 9%. In addition, may fish farms and hatcheries are currently struggling from various factors: poor economy, increased price of many of the raw materials, higher fuel costs, and to top that off a new disease problem arose in 2008. Help pay off the loan and put the fish hatchery on a more solid financial base so that they can continue reaching out to their community through jobs, good nutrition, and Christ. Continue Reading »