Missional Moms Companion Booklet

Missional_Moms_1Missional Moms Companion Booklet: With the aim of helping women grow deeper understanding of what it means to live missionally, this Bible study is meant to be experienced with a group of women who genuinely want to grow in their faith and live it out in real ways that impact the world. It challenges women to think deeply and set aside the assumptions they have lived with, and to ask difficult questions and seek answers from God’s word together. It is a companion piece to The Missional Mom: Living with Purpose at Home & in the World, by author Helen Lee. Every participant needs a copy of the Missional Mom book and a Bible. Continue Reading »

The Missional Mom

The_Missional_MomThe Missional Mom will affirm Christian mothers who desire to not only to build their homes in a Christ-like way, but engage the world with their skills, abilities, and interests. It won’t minimize the importance of a woman’s role in her home but it will encourage her to not ignore the stirrings God has planted within her to extend her influence. Continue Reading »

Local Church Archives and Oral History Guides

Use these guides to develop and enhance your church’s archives. Produced by the Commission on Covenant History. Continue Reading »

Anatomy of the Pilgrim Experience

This book presents reflections on being a Covenanter. It was written by Zenos E. Hawkinson and edited by Philip J. Anderson and David E. Hawkinson. Continue Reading »

Balcony Women

Balcony Women was compiled by the Women’s History Commission of the Department of Women Ministries and was released at Triennial XIII. It highlights over sixty brief stories of women who have encouraged and inspired the “ordinary” and extraordinary women of the Covenant. Women from all over the Covenant have contributed to this publication giving thanks and recognition to the women who most influenced their walk of faith. Continue Reading »

Covenant Roots

Covenant Roots (edited by Glenn Anderson) includes minutes, articles, and essays that describe the history, faith and mission of the Covenant Church.

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Into One Body…By the Cross

Into One Body…By the Cross (by Karl A. Olsson) is a history of the Covenant produced for its centennial in 1985.

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By One Spirit

By One Spirit (by Karl A. Olsson) is the definitive history of the Covenant Church, tracing its theological foundations and developments through 1962.

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A Great Ambition DVD

This classic survey of the history of the Evangelical Covenant Church is available in DVD format to order for your congregation or to download.
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A Mission to Serve DVD

A Mission to Serve touches on the Covenant’s character, history, and values and introduces the Covenant’s mission to serve Christ, the world God loves, and the local congregation.
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