In our increasingly post-Christian era, 83% of Americans do not attend church. Nearly 1/3 of young people under 30 are religiously unaffiliated. Every year, more than 3,000 churches shut their doors, never to open again. Myriad challenges – from rapid demographic change to tepid evangelism – render churches ineffective in communities across the country.

How will we reach this generation?

Church planting endures as one of the most effective strategies to reach young people, engage a growing multiethnic population, and develop vibrant local churches that make disciples.

The Evangelical Covenant Church invites you to discern your call to advance the kingdom of God by becoming a local church planter. Together, we seek to answer one primary question, “Is the Living God calling you to plant a Covenant church right now?”

A Note from the Church
Planting Team Leader

Seven years ago, my wife and I felt the Lord calling us to plant a church in the inner city of Long Beach, CA. I remember attending a multiethnic church planting conference and all of the pastors whom I admired were from the Evangelical Covenant Church. After receiving a word from God, we discerned his call to join the Covenant. Seven years later, Fountain of Life Covenant Church is a light that shines in our city’s darkness. The Covenant has provided us the resources, methodologies, and support to become a church that endures. I cannot thank God enough for the Covenant family. We would be delighted if God called you to plant a Covenant church that makes disciples and deepens leaders for this generation.”

– John Teter
Covenant Church Planting Team Leader
Senior Pastor, Fountain of Life Covenant Church