The Evangelical Covenant Church strives to be found faithful to God’s call to make a difference in the lives of real people in real places. We see God at work in powerful ways among the Covenant’s 850 congregations and in Covenant ministries throughout the world. Please join in this mission by choosing to make a gift of one or more items through Covenant Cares.

The gifts in this catalog are representative of the work we do together every day as the Covenant to deepen disciples, strengthen churches, develop leaders, serve globally, love mercy, and do justice. Once you have made your choices, please consider making an additional “Great Commission” gift—an excellent way to support the ministry of the whole church. Thank you for joining the Covenant in our commitment to be found faithful – to bring the love of Christ to a hurting world.

Water is so much more than a gift; it is life. When we provide clean water and sanitation, we transform communities, empower women (who spend countless hours transporting water from remote sources), and save millions of lives. Food insecurity is also a real and growing threat in developing nations around the world, and a leading reason that one in fifteen children in developing countries never reach the age of five. You can break the vicious cycles of hunger and poverty through farming education and farm-related microfinance opportunities in Africa and Asia. Microfinance loans move families and whole communities to self-sufficiency.

Wells – $100 Support wells for South Sudan. Help provide water, health, and sanitation for a whole village with a well.

Clean Water – $25 Provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education.

Food for a Refugee Child – $50 Provide six months of nutritious food for a refugee child in Southeast Asia.

Family Garden Kit – $125 Give a kit of helpful tools and seeds to a family in the Central African Republic. Each family will receive a fruit tree, beans, peanuts, watering can, shovel, hoe, and machete.

Animals are a powerful way to make a difference in the lives of people all around the world. Animals provide so many valuable resources: food, wool, farming power, milk, saleable goods, eggs, and even fertilizer. And they keep on giving through their offspring, making gifts of animals sustainable sources of food and income.

Water Buffalo – $500 Water buffaloes are especially helpful for families who need to haul items to market, tend to their fields, or need the nutrient-rich milk.

Pig – $145 Provide income and nourishment for a family in Thailand. The income earned from raising and selling pigs and their offspring can sustain a family and bring hope for the future.

Goat – $80 Your gift provides milk to drink or cheese to eat; fertilizer for the garden; or young goats to sell in the market.

Fish – $25 Give a bucket of baby fish to stock fish ponds, providing both income for fish farmers and food for entire communities in Thailand.

Chicken – $5 for a chick, $25 for a clutch Chickens provide an inexpensive way for families to begin to raise more money and are a great source of nutrition.

Sheep – $60 Owning a sheep brings hope for a new future through the milk and wool it provides.

The Covenant Church has experienced consistent growth over the past two decades, planting more than twenty new churches each year. Through resources, workshops, education opportunities, and practical tools, we continue to strengthen the body of Christ so that all may find new life, grow deeper in Christ, and begin the lifelong journey of faith God has given them.

Church Building – $25 Buy a bag of cement to help build a church building in South Sudan. The Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan is growing, and despite such loss and oppression, now has more than 200 churches with more than 20,000 members.

Bibles – $15 Equip a new church with Bibles and share the dynamic, transforming power of the world of God.

Great Commission – any amount Support the ministry of the whole church with a gift of any amount.

Sankofa Scholarship – $75 Support a life-changing spiritual journey to explore historic sites from the civil rights movement to places of oppression and inequality for people of color.

Women and children are the most affected by war, oppression, hunger, poverty, and lack of opportunity. All around the world, the Covenant Church is making important strides to bring hope, empowerment, and healing to women and children here at home, and in the countries in which we serve and partner. Even the smallest gift can make a powerful difference in the life of a woman or child trying to survive against the odds.

Empower Women – $50 Give a small loan for micro-enterprise training for women in India, South Africa, or Mexico.

Hechos 29 – $75 Assist a young person to participate in an international and cross-cultural, three-month discipleship program.

Sunday School Curriculum – $60 Introduce a child to the teachings of Jesus by equipping a Covenant Sunday school.

School Supplies – $25 Provide a Congolese refugee in Kenya with the school supplies needed for success.

The Call to Missional Living – $75 Call Covenant women to missional living via Bible study, vision experiences and more.

Access to healthcare in much of the world is limited or non-existent. Millions of people die from preventable diseases and conditions: malaria kills one child per minute; 800 women die from complications in pregnancy and childbirth daily; and 4.4 million children under the age of five die from infectious diseases every year.

While these facts are sobering, the Covenant Church is making real progress in addressing the healthcare needs of thousands of people worldwide. From healthcare clinics in Mexico and DR Congo, to preventative efforts in Colombia, God’s children are finding hope, healing, and brighter futures.

First Doctor Visit – $30 Provide a vulnerable or orphaned child in South Sudan with their first doctor visit.

Doctor’s Kit – $75 Improve the health of entire families through the Health Brigades in Medellín, Colombia. Your gift provides medicines, vitamins, thermometers, bandages, and tongue depressors.

Disaster Response – $25 Respond to a family’s immediate needs following a disaster with medical care, food, water, and temporary shelter.

Stop the Traffic – $25 Give the gift of freedom. Support the Women Ministries’ initiative to address the horrific reality of human trafficking in the world by providing the PROTECT resource developed by the Covenant’s Human Trafficking Task Force.

AVA/Mending the Soul – $40 Help train facilitators to provide needed advocacy, education and healing for victims of abuse and assault.

In 1937, Covenant missionaries traveled by ocean steamer to what is known today as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) and built a hospital and medical mission at Karawa. Their radical act of obedience to God’s call to serve in such a remote location inspired many such acts of faithfulness. As a result, hundreds have been trained as nurses, pastors, and educators and continue the good work started so long ago. Today, the Congo Covenant Church has grown to more than 1,600 congregations and offers hope through five hospitals, ninety medical clinics, a school system serving 60,000 students, and micro-enterprise projects.

While much has been accomplished, the need in DR Congo continues to be great. On the United Nations Index of Human Development, DR Congo ranks dead last out of 187 countries. It also ranks in the bottom eight countries for acute malnutrition. Three out of four people have no access to clean water, and every year, 82,000 children under the age of five die due to malaria.

Global Goods – $75 Send bandages, baby layettes, and midwife birthing kits across the ocean and up the river to the clinics in DR Congo that need them.

Microfinance Grants for Women – $50 Increase the economic and community standing of women with a small business grant.

Covenant Kids Congo – $40 monthly Transform an entire community through the new Covenant child sponsorship program, Covenant Kids Congo, in partnership with World Vision. This exciting partnership to sponsor children will transform not only the life of the sponsored child, but entire communities.

Vital Medicines – $75 Give a hospital enough medicines for one day of healing.

Turn on the Lights – $15 for 15 watts, $250 for a solar panel Help put a 1,000-watt solar installation on a medical building. Imagine a hospital surgery or pediatric ward without reliable electricity! Karawa hospital in DR Congo urgently needs power. Your gift provides one hour of solar power every week, into the future.