Invitation to Racial Righteousness

The Invitation to Racial Righteousness is an experience that will challenge participants to move beyond language and knowledge of racial righteousness to a deeper place of personal awareness, responsibility, healing, and action. Striving toward the kingdom vision reflected in Revelation 7:9, this experience will help participants:

  • engage in relationship and community building activities to move toward true community across ethnic and racial lines
  • explore racial and ethnic injustices that exist in our society
  • identify action steps for change, both personally and as a community

To learn more about hosting an Invitation to Racial Righteousness event at your church, contact Chrissy Palmerlee at (773) 784-3000 or at chrissy.palmerlee(at)

“What’s next? My personal goal is to raise the level of dialogue and ultimately the level of individual, corporate, and systemic commitment to the young people with whom I have contact. I want to hear more of their stories. No, not hear, but really listen to what they have to say. By respecting and valuing their personal narratives, I can validate them and create a foundation of trust so that they will hear and listen to my story. Both generations learn from each other. To break the chains of indifference, racism, bigotry, and other negative situations is humanly impossible. In Christ, with the power of the Holy Spirit, all things are possible.” – Participant from Bayside of South Sacramento
“As I read through evaluations of the I2RR weekend, I saw where many said that what they had learned was that there is indeed deep pain and grave injustice that has been visited upon minority cultures, and that the dominant culture in our country has worked hard to mask the effects of that. I also noted that what many were now committed to, was a desire to be intentional with racial relationships, and to be more sensitive and aware of the need to reach beyond what has been familiar and comfortable. That is quite satisfying to read – but I pray that we will indeed work hard to make it reality in our midst. The Bible is a story of many journeys to difficult places – to the promised land, to the wilderness. and to the cross. But this is the pilgrimage of disciples, and praise God – we are on the road!” – Bob Anderson, Pastor at Valley Hi Covenant