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Monday Early Bird Workshops

001 | Activating the 72 in Your Church
We all want the disciples in our church to engage in the hard work of evangelism and make disciples. How do we call, train and send our people to be fruitful?
John Teter, evangelism team leader – Evangelical Covenant Church Offices
Win Jackson-Houwen, senior pastor – Life House Covenant Church

002 | Committees on Ministerial Standing (COMS)
This orientation is for existing, new, or potential members of conference committees on ministerial standing. Roles, responsibilities, expectations, process, and procedures will be reviewed. There will be time for conversation and questions about common issues regarding candidate interviews. Sponsored by the Department of the Ordered Ministry.
Carol Lawson, director of staff ministry, Evangelical Covenant Church Offices
Danielle Ng, manager of the credential process, Evangelical Covenant Church Offices

003 | Emotionally Healthy Leadership: The Missing link in Our Churches
This practical workshop will introduce you to this revolutionary formation paradigm and lay out a strategy to build a personal life and church culture where spiritual maturity and emotional health truly are considered inseparable and where our work for Jesus. In particular, this seminar will present a recently released resource that is the fruit of sixteen years of research and development – Emotionally Healthy Skills 2.0.
Pete Scazzero, author and founder & senior pastor – New Life Fellowship Church

004 | Finances for a Lifetime
This workshop covers information on saving and investing through life stages, budgeting and money management skills, as well as funding personal goals and mission.
Ann Wiesbrock , president – Covenant Trust Company

005 | Preaching a “Glocal” Vision
To be the church in the age of globalization requires us to re-frame our understanding and practice of mission. More specifically, it requires us to understand the relationship between global and local mission. The question for this workshop is, “How does this new understanding of a “glocal” vision inform our preaching?”
Al Tizon, associate professor of holistic ministry – Palmer Theological Seminary

006 | Treasures in Earthen Vessels
As institutional, social, and cultural “isms” separate us, we are prone to perceive irreconcilable differences between ourselves and others. When those “others” are culturally different, we may find ourselves ill-equipped to deal with the conflict that inevitably occurs. However, rather than overreact or act as if the conflict does not exist, we can choose to become bridges for intercultural conflict transformation.
Mary Trujillo, professor of communication arts – North Park University

Two-Day Workshops (Tuesday & Thursday)

101 & 201 | Transformados para transformar (Curso de liderazgo)
Un recurso efectivo para romper los hábitos personales que estorban el liderazgo y/o el desarrollo del ministerio. Este curso es una herramienta importante para la transformación del líder. Es también una ayuda para enfrentar los nuevos desafíos dentro del reino de Dios en estos tiempos de cambio frecuente.
Manuel Valencia, decano, profesor del CHET y pastor de la Iglesia del Pacto “Amigos de la Gracia”

102 & 202 | The Bible and Worship: Music, Art, and Culture
This workshop is offered to everyone as a 2-Day workshop on Tuesday and Thursday or North Park Theological Seminary is including this workshop in a 4-Day Course, for those interested in taking it for credit. Both Israelite and early Christian worship formed and took shape in the profoundly multi-cultural settings of the Ancient Near East and Greco-Roman worlds. The Bible demonstrates that Jews and Christians made use of the material cultural and artistic resources of their neighbors in the development of their worship practices. The course We will explore exploring contemporary material culture and arts in our own multi-cultural setting as a means of enhancing and enriching contemporary worship practices, arguing such accommodations are rooted in the Bible itself.

Tuesday and Thursday Sessions – 1:30-4:30pm (regular Midwinter Workshop option) Explore the place of the body and the senses in worship, the use of the arts in worship, and the challenge of multicultural worship.
Monday And Friday Sessions – 9am-5pm (for those who are also registered for the full course for audit or for credit) Investigate the origins and character of worship in the Old and New Testament seeking to understand how Jewish and Christian worship engaged the cultural context which in turn provides a basis for similar engagement in our own complex multicultural environments.

If you are not already a North Park student, registration is straightforward—begin by filling out a visiting student application. Follow the instructions and download the brief application to take the class for audit or credit as a visiting student: Apply here. To receive audit credit the course fee is $150 or to receive graduate credit the course fee is $1500. For questions about the admission process, contact Seminary Admission at semadmissions(at) or call (773) 244-6229.  If you are a current North Park Seminary Student, contact Seminary Academic Services at semacadecmicserv(at) to register for the course.
Jay Phelan, senior professor of theological studies – North Park Theological Seminary
Geoff Twigg, worship arts project coordinator – Evangelical Covenant Church Offices
Jen McDonald, resident pastor of worship – Resurrection Covenant Church

Tuesday Workshops

103 | Community Leadership in Town & Country Churches in a Changing Economy
Rural communities are experiencing profound, on-going economic, cultural, and social change, ranging from recession to booming new industries. This dialogue workshop explores the ministries town and country pastors and churches can offer as part of their Gospel mandate to their communities. Attendees will discuss practical ideas for their communities through both biblical/theological and sociological lenses. They will better understand the systemic interplay between church and rural community through both biblical/theological and sociological lenses.
Denise Anderson, covenant pastor with 7 years of Town & Country ministry experience
Gary Goreham, North Dakota State University

104 | Deepening Disciples and Expanding Foundations
Participants will discover how an in-depth discipleship program for 7th and 8th grades students can empower your church’s youth ministries and provide a foundation for three dimensional church growth.
Doug Bixby, Evangelical Covenant Church
Jay Fast, associate pastor for youth and congregational life – Evangelical Covenant Church

105 | Discipleship in a Consumer Culture: From Accumulation to Freedom
This interactive workshop is an opportunity to explore the importance of understanding the cultural context of consumerism in order to foster authentic discipleship in the contemporary church.
Teri Elliott-Hart, director of Mentored Ministry Initiatives at Gordon Conwell Seminary, Boston Campus

106 | Empowered, Wise Preachers
The formation of the preacher speaks louder than the formation of the sermon. Pastors are educated to spend a lot of time forming sermons, but may not focus nearly enough on the formation of their lives. So what does it take to form empowered, wise preachers and how can you open yourself to this transformative work of the Spirit?
Mark Labberton, director of the Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching – Fuller Theological Seminary

107 | Finishing Strong in Pastoral Ministry
This workshop is designed for pastors approaching retirement. The discussion format will help them prepare to make their closing years of full-time ministry vital and develop an intentional process for culminating ministry. It will also help in preparation for and planning a healthy transition for “what’s next.”
Ken Carlson, retired Covenant pastor & conference superintendent
Phil Stenberg, retired Covenant pastor

108 | The Better of Two Goods: From Charity to Dignity
In the kingdom, we are provided with a multitude of opportunities to do good. Through Scripture, case studies, and shared experiences, participants will explore and discover ways to develop more effective love mercy – do justice ministries in both local and international contexts.
Dave Husby, director of Covenant World Relief Director – Evangelical Covenant Church Offices
Debbie Blue, executive minister of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice – Evangelical Covenant Church Offices

109 | Marriage and Ministry
This workshop will focus on the priority of marriage in the midst of ministry and the vulnerability of a ministry marriage. Marriage isn’t easy and Ministry is tough and when the two are combined it very difficult. Some of the subjects covered will be: Pace: overcommitted and under-connected, Potential Problems in Ministry Marriages, Spouse Involvement, Children, Sex, Finances, Spiritual growth, Communication, Conflict, Dealing with external expectations, The Calendar, And much more…
Doug Fields, communicator, resource-provider, writer, pastor, and leadership mentor

110 | Peace & Justice in the Holy Land: Christians Seeking Reconciliation at the Heart of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has raged for more than half a century. Historical narratives of deep pain and suffering continue to play out in the region today. This workshop will focus on the history of Christian engagement in the Holy Land and the role of Christ followers in pursuit of reconciliation and justice. Learn about organizations and individuals working to make a positive difference in the Holy Land while seeking to discern how God might be calling all of us to be advocates of peace and justice in the midst of conflict.
Mae Cannon, senior director of advocacy & outreach
Gary Burge, professor of New Testament – Wheaton College

111 | Serving Globally at Home
The shrinking of our planet and the emergence of relational highways provides local churches with unprecedented potential for global impact; beginning with Pastor Chamron Phal’s inspiring story of survival in the killing fields of Cambodia, and his subsequent ministry sharing the Gospel and planting churches in his homeland, including among his former Khmer Rouge communist soldiers. In this workshop we will demonstrate how a church (of any size) can connect with and support Kingdom ministry in another part of the world.
Linnea Carnes, retired Covenant pastor
Allan Serrano, senior pastor – Evangelical Missionary Covenant Church
Chamron Phal, associate pastor – First Covenant Church

112 | The Faith Community and Domestic Violence
Contrary to popular belief, the faith community is not immune to domestic violence. Many members of our congregations are exposed to and impacted by domestic violence and it affects men, women and children. Domestic violence (often termed abuse) includes, but is not limited to: physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the topic of domestic violence and to explore four common questions that victims/survivors struggle with and how the answers to these can help, heal and strengthen victims/survivors. Participants will also be challenged to think about how to support victims/survivors.
Yvonne DeVaughn, AVA director – Evangelical Covenant Church Offices
Meagan Gillan, executive minister of Women Ministries – Evangelical Covenant Church Offices

113 | Solitude Retreat
You are invited to a day of quiet prayer and silence at the Mount Miguel Covenant Retirement Community. A bus will leave the Town & Country at 10:15 a.m. and return to the hotel by 8pm. The retreat will offer extended opportunities for solitude and reflection as well as shorter times of group liturgical prayer and Lectio divina. Individual spiritual direction will be available as time permits. Silence will be observed throughout the day, including lunch and dinner. Space is limited and participants pay an additional fee of $45 for the retreat.
Dennis Anderson, senior pastor – Pilgrim Covenant Church
Helen Cepero, adjunct instructor at North Park Seminary and at Multnomah Biblical Seminary

Thursday Workshops

203 | A Pastoral and Congregational Response to Issues of Human Sexuality
This will be an interactive, case-study-based workshop. Participants are asked to read and be familiar with the documents published by the ECC on the topic of Human Sexuality. These can be found on the ECC’s website and include: Human Sexuality Paper (Abridged version), released June 2007; 1996 Human Sexuality Resolution, and Human Sexuality Guidelines for Covenant Pastors.
Dave Kersten, dean of North Park Theological Seminary
Susan Fabbro, member of the Board of the Ordered Ministry and marriage & family counselor

204 | Exploring New Frontiers in Spiritual Companionship
Spiritual companionship is the ministry that believers offer one another to facilitate spiritual growth through discerning the presence and activity of God in their lives. This workshop will explain the basics of spiritual companionship and then explore new frontiers for spiritual companionship in local churches and evangelistic outreach.
Michelle Sanchez, pastor of Christian formation – Highrock Covenant Church
Mickey Sanchez, harvard chaplain – InterVarsity Press Christian Fellowship

205 | Finishing Well Through Balanced Living
Fewer than one-third of ministry leaders finish well. This seminar examines hazards of the ministry, negative expressions of stress, and identifies theological support for self-care, along with strategies for health and vitality in one’s body, intellect, spirit, and emotions/social relationships so that the leader may indeed finish well.
Jeff Saville, chaplain – United States NAVY
Sharon Stenger, Stenger Resources and adjunct professor – William Jessup University, School of Professional Studies

206 | Planting Transforming Churches in Smaller Places
Smaller communities are in transition and are ripe for harvest. This workshop will examine some practical realities of planting churches in towns under 20,000 in population. We will look at fruitful models and consider how established churches can partner to create healthy new fellowships.
Brian Johnson, director of church planting – East Coast and Midwest Conference
Jeff Grote, church planting pastor – Renew Covenant Church

207 | Premise: Understanding Kids and Student Ministries as the Foundation for All Church Ministry
Is your church struggling or has it hit a plateau? Are you questioning your effectiveness and wondering how to reach more people with the gospel? What if the solution to many of our problems could be found in the most unconventional place? What if the solution is right under our noses?
Scott Peterson, pastor of children’s ministries – Redwood Covenant Church
Dan Ferguson, pastor of student ministries – Redwood Covenant Church
Efrem Smith, superintendent – Pacific Southwest Conference

208 | Let All the People Praise Him: Following God in Proclaiming the Gospel
This workshop explores Paul’s perspective on mission to the Gentiles in Romans 15 and contrasts it with the more hesitant acceptance of Gentile mission described in the book of acts. The focus is on God’s equipping of the Church in mission.
Stephen Chester, professor of New Testament – North Park Theological Seminary

209 | The Church as a Healing Community
The United States holds the dubious distinction of having the highest incarceration rate in the world. Over 2 million people are incarcerated in the U.S., up from 300,000 incarcerated in 1980. It is almost certain that someone in your congregation has been directly impacted by incarceration. This workshop will delve into social issues that contribute to mass incarceration, and explore several models of intervention and re-entry ministry, especially for our youth. The goal of the workshop is to equip pastors to be leaders in constructive conversation that progresses to redemptive and restorative action and healing of communities, through the body of Christ.
Matthew Watts, senior pastor – Grace Bible Church of Charleston
Krisann Foss, director of conference ministries – North Pacific Conference

210 | The Global Vision of the Hebrew Scriptures
This workshop will examine the global scope of the mission of God in the Old Testament by examining the role of non-Israelites such as Naaman and Nebuchadnezzar.
Mary Veeneman, assistant professor of Biblical and theological studies – North Park University

211 | The Mission of God Throughout the Bible
Paul De Neui and Jennifer Lowe present a scriptual overview of God’s mission as found throughout the whole of the Bible. Please come with your Bible and something to write with as we explore the scriptures interactively following the theme that ties the whole of God’s historic redemptive plan together.
Paul DeNeui, professor of Intercultural Studies and Missiology – North Park Theological Seminary
Jen Lowe, co-pastor – Federated Covenant Church