Central Africa Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) is a land-locked country blessed with plenty of rain and fertile soil, yet it remains one of the least developed countries in the world. Through agricultural expertise and ministries of compassion, workers in CAR seek to help subsistence farmers to achieve food and nutritional security. They also seek to teach Christian principles, integrating evangelism and discipleship with community-based development.


Covenant missionaries began to serve in the Central African Republic in 1998. This was done in partnership with other sending organizations in CAR. Since then, over 100 villages have been reached through the emphasis of agroforestry and biblical principles. While the main emphasis of the agroforestry program was the introduction of fruit trees to help with nutrition, farmers were also asking for help with improving their staple crops, vegetable production, and the rearing of livestock. The current work is in response to these needs. We pray that this will lead to healthy, well-fed families that are able to meet their own food needs, who will also hear and respond to the good news.

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