Central Asia

Currently, there is involvement with two holistic ministries in Central Asia.

  1. A village cooperative that seeks to bring about transformation among poor, rural communities – This grassroots movement is providing agricultural resources such as livestock, seed, and education to over 150 families in five villages.
  2. A self-sustaining family orphanage that adopts orphaned and abandoned children to give them a new home and a chance at life in Christ – The orphanage is the central focus of a wider work that includes a home church, a prison ministry, and a livestock business that provides the financial resources to sustain the entire organization. This ministry is led by a pastor and his family who are among the first believers in the entire region.


The ministries in Central Asia began in 2003, through relationships established by Covenant missionaries with indigenous leaders who had a vision and a passion to reach their people. Covenant World Relief has partnered with the village cooperative by providing funds for this work, while Covenant missionaries have provided guidance. However, the heart and soul of this movement have been local young leaders, including one man who is a believer and also an elected local government official. The orphanage was a children’s service project in the past, providing needed funds to assist the children living in this community.