Presently there are twenty-three churches that make up the Covenant Church of Japan (NSKK). There is also a seminary, a camp, a Christian center, and a daytime care center for the elderly. Individual churches are reaching out to their communities with a wide variety of approaches such as English classes, elder care, child care, and music. Covenant missionaries have also been involved in relief efforts to areas affected by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Eastern coast of Japan in March of 2011. Pray that people’s interests will go deep, and hearts and lives will be changed for Christ.


The Covenant missionary work in Japan began in 1949. A national church, the Covenant Church of Japan (NSKK), was organize in 1951. The Covenant Seminary, located in Tokyo, was started in 1952 and continues to train pastors today. In the summer of 2010, the NSKK consecrated a missionary couple to serve in the United States alongside Christ Covenant Church (C3) in Novi, Michigan, in reaching out to Japanese people in this community.

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