Thailand is a country rich in tradition and culture. Predominately a Buddhist country (ninety-five percent), it has relatively few Christians (less than one percent). A main hindrance to acceptance of the gospel is a common belief that Christianity is a religion for Westerners. The Covenant ministries in Thailand are trying to break this barrier by using Thai cultural forms for worship and Bible teaching. In addition to church planting, several transformational ministries are operating across the country, including agricultural businesses, community health and education, job creation for migrant workers, education of children, and ongoing tsunami relief and development. The overarching goal of these projects is to share the love of Christ and plant the gospel in these communities.


The Covenant mission ministry in Thailand began in 1971. Two missionaries were called to aid the existing church in evangelism and outreach. They arrived in 1972, after a year of language school. Since that time, many more Covenant missionaries have served in Thailand working alongside ministry partners, using their gifts to advance the kingdom of God. Over the years, ministry emphasis has focused on culturally appropriate forms of worship and music, as well as, ministries that address the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the Thai people.

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