The Evangelical Covenant Church partners with the Covenant Church of Colombia in fulfilling its goals of 1) reaching non-believers and filling their churches with people, 2) servant leadership, 3) working toward having self-sustaining churches, 4) encouraging the pastors to continue to grow spiritually, 5) planting churches, and 6) reaching the Colombian society through social ministries of compassion, justice, and mercy. Pray for God’s leading in adding missionary staff and incorporating mission teams in the ministry.


The Covenant opened missionary work in Medellin, Colombia, in 1968. As a result of door-to-door visitation and Bible studies, the Villa Hermosa church was started in 1972. Since then, other congregations have been started by national ministry partners, with the collaboration of Norwegian and North American Covenant missionaries. In 1978, Theological Education by Extension was added in order to train leaders in the churches. This has grown to a Colombian Covenant Ministry Study Center which trains church leaders and pastors. New works continue to develop with teams of Colombians and Covenant missionaries from the United States and Norway.

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