Covenant missionaries in Mexico work together with the national church in several key areas such as leadership development, discipleship, and facilitating partnership in mission. There is a renewed vision by the national church to have a Covenant church in each of the thirty-one states of Mexico. Ministries include the Foundation for Family Development (parenting and marriage enrichment classes and Project Down); Seeds of Health (community health); Fuentes Libres (micro-enterprise banks for women); and Comunicaciones del Pacto (Covenant Communications in Latin America). There are currently sixty-nine national churches.


Covenant missionaries have been serving in Mexico since 1946. The work began among migrant farm workers in southern Texas. This work spread across the border, south to Oaxaca. Ministry in Mexico City, in the central region of Mexico, began in 1974 with emphasis on home Bible studies and discipleship training. Since that time, the ministries in this country have expanded and include work in urban and rural settings including Monterrey, Mexico City, and Oaxaca.

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