Camp Director Injured in Motorcycle Accident

CHIANG RAI, THAILAND (April 1, 2010) – Tom Cousineau, executive director of Covenant Heights Conference Center, is recovering in a Chiang Rai hospital from injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident Tuesday.

Surgeons removed Cousineau’s ruptured spleen, says Karen Hallberg, Department of World Mission director of mobilization and connection. He also suffered a broken arm, broken femur, four broken ribs, and a broken toe.

Cousineau is in a lot of pain and using a breathing tube, Hallberg says, but adds, “From all reports, Tom’s attitude remains positive, his sense of humor intact.” He could remain in Thailand at least four weeks.

Cousineau was injured when the motorcycle he was riding skidded on the road and struck an electric utility pole, Hallberg says.

He and two other directors of Evangelical Covenant Church camps have been traveling in Thailand, working alongside the Thai Covenant Church as they develop camp properties and vision for their ministries. Others on the trip are John Gehring of Alpine Covenant Conference Center and Bryan Hayes of Mission Springs Conference Center.

Gehring and Hayes have remained with Cousineau as have Covenant missionaries Randy Bevis and Peter and Ruthie Dutton. The missionaries have been serving as interpreters.

Cousineau’s family was able to talk with him on Wednesday night via Skype. “It was good for the family to see each other, although Tom is not able to talk because of the breathing tube,” Hallberg says. “Written notes and mouthing words helped them communicate with each other.”

Cousineau’s wife, Connie, will remain in the United States, but his son, Tom Jr., will travel to Thailand this weekend and remain until his father returns home.

The Association of Covenant Camps and Conference Centers (A4C) has approved financial support to help the Cousineaus and is asking for the broader community to donate towards care for the family, Hallberg says. World Mission is taking care of hospital payments until insurance kicks in as well as logistical support for the son’s travel.

Missionaries are arranging for housing in Chiang Rai. World Mission has established a benevolence fund to help the family with expenses during this time. Donations should be sent to Covenant World Mission, 5101 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago, IL, 60625, with a notation designating the Cousineau Fund.

If donations exceed expenses, any extra money will be donated to the A4C’s summer 2010 camp project, which is supporting Covenant Camps in Thailand.

For questions regarding donations, email Hallberg or call her at 847-217-9833. Kim Crawford, associate director of mobilization and connection, also is available to answer questions and can be reached by email or calling 773-907-3309.

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