McKnight Leaving to Accept New Position

CHICAGO, IL (April 27, 2012) – North Park University professor and popular author Scot McKnight announced this week that he is leaving the school to take a position at Northern Baptist Seminary.

McKnight, the Karl A. Olson Professor in Religious Studies, announced the decision on his Jesus Creed blog and said he will leave at the end of the current semester.

“A little over seventeen years ago I got a phone call from David Nystrom, professor at North Park, asking me if I would be willing to consider teaching at North Park,” McKnight writes. “I said I was and that phone call led eventually to my being offered a teaching post at North Park University, where I have been teaching with delight.”

McKnight wrote on his blog that, “For at least five years I have had an inner yearning to teach in a seminary, to concentrate on leaders, pastors and preparing folks to work in churches and in God’s mission in this world, and in fact almost left North Park some time back to join a seminary faculty.”

In his announcement, McKnight praised the school. “Everything about NPU breathes the Evangelical Covenant Church … who supported my book The Jesus Creed in ways that pushed me into circles and opportunities I never anticipated, whose pastors I have met and preached for and chatted with and corresponded with and prayed for … and for the wonderful balance this gem of evangelicalism has somehow found.”

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