Golden Valley Retirees Sew for DR Congo, Minneapolis

By Colette Claxton

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN (September 27, 2013) — At the Covenant Village of Golden Valley retirement community, 72-year-old Nancy Anderson and 74-year-old Jo Goodwater have been quietly mobilizing a crew of seamstresses to help folks halfway around the world and at home in Minneapolis. Continue Reading »

Bayside Pastor Sherwood Carthen Dies

SACRAMENTO, CA (September 25, 2013) – Sherwood C. Carthen, founding pastor of Bayside of South Sacramento and chaplain for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, died at 2 p.m. today of a heart attack. He was 54. Continue Reading »

Covenant World Relief Fall Materials Available Now

CHICAGO, IL (September 25, 2013) — The Covenant World Relief (CWR) fall emphasis materials have been mailed to churches.

Continue Reading »

Christians Have ‘Moral Obligation’ in Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

CHICAGO, IL (September 24, 2013) — Christians in the United States need to move beyond their “bifurcated” discussions about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and live out their moral obligation to pursue a “third way” of reconciliation in the region, two Covenant ministers who have long studied the issue said during a webcast on Friday. Continue Reading »

Youth Director Killed While Helping Stranded Motorist

OAKLAND, CA (September 24, 2013) — Jose Durante, the youth director of New Hope Covenant Church, was killed Saturday night when another vehicle struck him while he was helping a stranded motorist push his car off the road. Continue Reading »

Flooding Barely Touched Covenant Heights, Slams Budget

By Stan Friedman

ESTES PARK, CO (September 23, 2013) — Covenant Heights Bible Camp already has lost up to $40,000 in business and could lose up to $100,000 in the wake of the flooding in the region due to cancellations, even though the facility is open for business, said Jesse Bolinder, director of development. Continue Reading »

Carrion: After Devastating Fire, New House and Renewed Faith

By Stan Friedman

Michael and Elizabeth Carrion

YONKERS, NY (September 20, 2013) – Michael Carrion, pastor of Promised Land Covenant Church, and his family were able to move into a new house this week, exactly 60 days after barely escaping a fire that engulfed their home in the Bronx. Continue Reading »

Jazz Program Teaches Skills, Opens Doors

By Stan Friedman

PITTSBURGH, PA (September 19, 2013) — The Hazelwood neighborhood is barely a shadow of the thriving community it once was when 30,000 people lived here and enjoyed the benefits of the steel boom. When the industry fell apart, so did the neighborhood. Continue Reading »

Center of Life Jazz Band Releases New CD “Voices”

PITTSBURGH, PA (September 19, 2013) — Center of Life (COL), the outreach ministry of Keystone Covenant Church, released its latest jazz CD, “Voices,” earlier this month. Continue Reading »

Teach Them to Fish—Better Yet, Help Them Own the Pond

By Stan Friedman

PITTSBURGH, PA (September 18, 2013) — Tim Smith, pastor of Keystone Covenant Church, says that before he accepted the call to lead the church in 2000, “I found the idea of pastoring just completely repelling to me, completely repelling.” Continue Reading »