Flooding Forces Cancellation of NPU Classes

CHICAGO, IL (April 18, 2013) – North Park University so far has suffered no damage from rising waters of the north branch of the Chicago River, but did cancel classes this morning due to closures of primary roads leading to the school and dangers of potential flooding, said Nate Mouttet, vice president for enrollment and marketing. Continue Reading »

Nyvall Lectures Cancelled Due to Massive Flooding

CHICAGO, IL (April 18, 2013) – The Nyvall Lectures at North Park University this morning have been cancelled in the wake of massive flooding that forced closing of the campus today. Continue Reading »

Boston Blasts: ‘Scariest Moments of My Life’

By Stan Friedman

SWANZEY, NH (April 16, 2013) – Dave Cairns was two-tenths of a mile from crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday when he heard the two bomb explosions and saw the white smoke rising where his wife, Becky, and three children were supposed to be waiting for him. Continue Reading »

Covenant Runner Saw Both Boston Marathon Explosions

By Stan Friedman

BOSTON, MA (April 15, 2013) – Dave Cairns, executive director of Pilgrim Pines Conference Center, was two-tenths of a mile short of the finish line at the Boston Marathon and witnessed both of the deadly explosions that killed three people and injured dozens more, he stated on his Facebook account this afternoon. Continue Reading »

Memorial Service Conducted for John Strong

SANTA ROSA, CA (April 15, 2013) – A memorial service was conducted earlier this year for John Strong who passed away on January 21 at age 66 following a battle with cancer. Continue Reading »

Nyvall Lectures Webcast on Thursday

CHICAGO, IL (April 15, 2013) – A webcast will enable viewers to participate in the Nyvall Lectures in Isaacson Chapel at North Park Theological Seminary on Thursday. Continue Reading »

Harrowing Escape for Missionaries into Cameroon

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON (April 8, 2013) – Last month, 30 missionaries from the Evangelical Covenant Church and other organizations fled a mission station in Gamboula, Central African Republic (CAR), in an escape that was more harrowing than Covenant News Service was able report at the time for security reasons. Continue Reading »

Covenant Newswire Observes 15th Anniversary

CHICAGO, IL (April 3, 2013) – Covenant Newswire – the daily online news report produced by Covenant News Service on behalf of the Evangelical Covenant Church – observes its 15th anniversary this month. Continue Reading »

Moving Moment as Youth Gather Together in Prayer

BROOKLYN PARK, MN (April 5, 2013) – Perhaps it was serendipity that brought order out of chaos. Continue Reading »

Loss of Life, Damaged Homes in Storm’s Wake

LA PLATA, ARGENTINA (April 5, 2013) – At least one member of an Evangelical Covenant Church of Argentina congregation has been killed and others have had their homes damaged or destroyed by a storm that overwhelmed this city, which is the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires, said David Mark, Evangelical Covenant Church co-regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean. Continue Reading »