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Surprise Awaits Blogger in Visit to Covenant Church

By Stan Friedman

CHICAGO, IL (March 3, 2011) – A blogger who has set the goal of visiting the 50 religious institutions in his community during 2011 and writing about his experiences attended an Evangelical Covenant Church on Sunday. Continue Reading »

Covenant Pastor, Wife Seriously Injured in Head-On Crash

DURANGO, CO (February 22, 2011) – Rodney Beavers, executive pastor of Westmoore Community Covenant Church in Oklahoma City, and his wife, Cindy, are hospitalized in critical condition after a semi-tractor truck slammed head on into their vehicle Monday night, reports Garth Bolinder, superintendent of the Midsouth Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Continue Reading »

New Book: Develop the Ability to Spiritually ‘Jump’

CHICAGO, IL (January 18, 2011) – Efrem Smith and several other Evangelical Covenant Church ministers sat together in the hotel lobby during a Midwinter Pastors Conference and swapped stories that might be used as sermon closers. Darrell Griffin, the pastor of Oakdale Covenant Church in Chicago, offered one to Smith. Continue Reading »

Church Leaders Respond to ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’

CHICAGO, IL (January 17, 2011) – Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) President Gary Walter today affirmed this past weekend’s action by Christian Churches Together in issuing a historic response to the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” penned by the late Dr. Martin Luther King in 1963. Continue Reading »

Road to Hollywood Begins in the Niagara Frontier

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 4, 2011) – Filmmaker Chris Hall is under no illusions about the difficult path to success in Hollywood, but the Covenanter’s award-winning short film is a step in the right direction. Continue Reading »

News Brief: Covenanters Making Headlines

Gospel Mission Honors Kent Covenant Church for Generosity

KENT, WA (December 31, 2010) – Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission recently honored Kent Covenant Church with its Highest Giver Award for 2010. Continue Reading »

Faith, Not Revenge Compels Search for Former Captor

By Stan Friedman

OAKLAND, CA (December 2, 2010) – Chamron Phal speaks gently as he recounts searching Cambodia to meet and offer forgiveness to the former Khmer Rouge prison guard who held him captive and tortured him during the time of the horrific Killing Fields. Continue Reading »

Covenanter Honored With Innovative Ministry Award

ROCKFORD, IL (November 30, 2010) – Covenanter Allan Barsema recently was awarded $100,000 for his innovative ministry, but the biggest beneficiaries are the homeless people he has encouraged to restart their lives. Continue Reading »

Covenanter Honored for More Than Teaching Math

ELGIN, IL (October 27, 2010) – Brian Karsbaek’s gift of motivating math students to succeed beyond what they thought remotely possible is recognized in a recent Chicago Tribune feature. Continue Reading »

Holmgrens Seeking Medical Volunteers for Haiti Trip

CHICAGO, IL (October 27, 2010) – Kathy and Calla Holmgren will lead a Medical Teams International (MTI) team to Haiti January 9-23 to address ongoing needs. Continue Reading »