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PCP Program Connects Congo Farmers to Large Markets

LOKO, CONGO (March 12, 2010) – The first office for the new Farmers to Markets program sponsored by the Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) has opened and space has been found for a second office, says PCP Director Byron Miller. Continue Reading »

Photos from Farmers to Markets Program

LOKO, CONGO (March 10, 2010) – The first office for the new Farmers to Markets program sponsored by the Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) has opened. Farmers to Markets is a major new economic development program made possible by a grant to PCP by the U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID. Continue Reading »

Photos from the Chile Earthquake

DICHATO, CHILE (March 8, 2010) – Although many of their own homes have been heavily damaged or destroyed, members of the Covenant Church of Chile in Tomé are helping their neighbors 10 minutes away in Dichato, another community that was decimated by the earthquake and the tsunami that followed. Continue Reading »

Haiti Disaster Relief Fund Tops $900,000 Mark

CHICAGO, IL (March 4, 2010) – The Covenant World Relief (CWR) disaster relief fund for Haiti has received more than $900,000 in contributions following an earthquake just seven weeks ago that leveled much of Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas, says CWR Director Dave Husby. Continue Reading »

Developments in Chile Closely Watched

CHICAGO, IL (March 4, 2010) – Covenant Merge Ministries staff member Alejandra Ibarra and her family survived the 8.8-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that destroyed much of Tomé, where she lived. Continue Reading »

Some Chilean Covenant Church Leaders Reported Safe

CHICAGO, IL (March 2, 2010) – Three Covenant Church of Chile (CCC) leaders and their immediate families are reported to be safe following Saturday’s earthquake that killed more than 700 people, but no word has been received about the status of others. Continue Reading »

Reports on Quake Survivors Slow to Emerge Amid Chaos

MCALLEN, TX (March 1, 2010) – Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) leaders say downed communication systems have prevented them from learning the fate of Covenant Church of Chile (CCC) congregations following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated parts of the country early Saturday morning. Continue Reading »

Chile Relief Trips Will Be Needed – Just Not Now

MCALLEN, TX (March 1, 2010) – Several Evangelical Covenant churches have contacted Covenant Merge Ministries with offers of help and support teams to work in Chile, but Executive Director Dale Lusk said Sunday it is too soon after the earthquake to begin planning trips. Continue Reading »

No Reports Yet on Covenanters Affected by Earthquake

CHICAGO, IL (February 27, 2010) – No word has yet been received of any Covenanters who may have been negatively affected by the devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck not far from Santiago, Chile, early this morning. Continue Reading »

Covenant World Relief Closely Monitoring Chile Developments

CHICAGO, IL (February 27, 2010) – Covenant World Relief (CWR) is in conversation with its partner World Relief International and is closely monitoring developments following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated parts of Chile early this morning, claiming as many as 80 lives. Continue Reading »