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Covenant Voices on Ferguson, Race, and the Church

CHICAGO, IL (August 20, 2014) — Covenanters have been posting on their blogs and social media outlets about their impression of what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, and the issues underlying the current upheaval. Others have written for or been interviewed by national publications. The Covenant Companion and Covenant News Service have published multiple articles in the past year on issues related to racial righteousness. Click on the links to read the posts. We pray these will be helpful in furthering honest, respectful, and ultimately fruitful discussions on race. Continue Reading »

What Is the Church to Do in Response to Ferguson?

By Megan R. Herrold

CHICAGO, IL (August 19, 2014) — Following the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the ensuing protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri, many people are asking themselves how the church should respond. Debbie Blue, executive minister of Love Mercy and Do Justice, admits she has the same questions. “I want to do something, but I don’t know what to do,” she said this afternoon. Continue Reading »

Voices: Loud Questions During a Moment of Silence

By Megan R. Herrold

CHICAGO, IL (August 16, 2014) — On Thursday night I attended one of the National Moment of Silence events that were held in cities across the nation. The events were in response to the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in a St. Louis suburb on Saturday, but the silence was also for other victims of police brutality throughout the nation. Continue Reading »

News Briefs: New President of Mexico Covenant Church Elected, NWC Finance Director Hired

PUEBLA, MEXICO (August 14, 2014)  — Marisol Martinez was elected president of the Covenant Church of the Central and South Districts of Mexico (IEMP) earlier this month at the denomination’s Annual Meeting, which was held July 30 to August 3. Continue Reading »

Leith Anderson on CAR: Both Muslims and Christians Want Peace

CHICAGO, IL (August 4, 2014)—In April, Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, traveled with two other United States religious leaders to Central African Republic (CAR) to help promote peace in the country where violence has broken out generally along religious lines since last year. Traveling with Anderson were Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, retired Archbishop of Washington, D.C., and Imam Mohamed Magid of the Islamic Society of North America. Continue Reading »

Bethlehem Covenant Won Big with Choir Director

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (July 31, 2014) — Tesfa Wondemagegnehu has been making a name for himself in the choral community since moving here from Tennessee last year, and just last week was chosen to lead a Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) initiative to promote music education in the public schools. He’ll also head up a new group of young singers, the APM (American Public Media) Radio Choir. Continue Reading »

Complex Situation at the Border: Talking with Dale Lusk

By Stan Friedman

MISSION, TEXAS (July 29, 2014) — So far this year, nearly 60,000 unaccompanied children have made the perilous journey from Central America to the United States. Continue Reading »

Covenant Family Loses Home to Washington Wildfire

By Stan Friedman

TWISP, WASHINGTON (July 27, 2014) — A family that attends Community Covenant Church of the Methow Valley has lost their home to the Carlton Complex fire, the largest in state’s history, Pastor Jeff Palmberg said. Continue Reading »

Church Prepares to Receive Sudanese Woman Who Refused to Renounce Her Faith

By Stan Friedman

MANCHESTER, NH (July 25, 2014) — The Evangelical Covenant Church will help resettle Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman once sentenced to death by the Sudanese government when she would not renounce her Christian faith. Continue Reading »

Father, Daughter Learn Paul Carlson Inspired Each Other Then Serve Together

By Stan Friedman

RED WING, MN (July 23, 2014) — Julie Malyon, a nurse and director of a free medical clinic, was curious about the expression on her dad’s face when she returned from the Women Ministries Triennial last year and told him she had learned about a wonderful ministry called the Paul Carlson Partnership. Continue Reading »