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Carlson Inspired Holmgren, Other Covenanters, in Mission Work

By Stan Friedman

MERCER ISLAND, WA (November 26, 2014) — The martyrdom of Paul Carlson played a key role in Kathy Holmgren becoming a missionary to Congo she told a capacity crowd at Covenant Shores Retirement Community on Monday night, the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the Covenant missionary and physician. Continue Reading »

Covenant Minister Caught Up in Mideast Melee

By Stan Friedman

SEATTLE, WA (November 19, 2014) — The killings of four rabbis and a police officer at a synagogue in Jerusalem on Tuesday as well as subsequent reprisals, “represent a horrific chapter in the cycle of violence between the extreme factions in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” said Covenant minister Andy Larsen, who was caught in the middle of the conflagration earlier this month while filming a documentary, ironically, about peacemakers in the region. Continue Reading »

Voices: The Cult of Family

WAYNE, PA (November 18, 2014) — Covenant minister Al Tizon is co-president of Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA) and Ronald J. Sider Associate Professor of Holistic Ministry at Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University. The article was first published earlier this month on the ESA website. Continue Reading »

Pastor, First-time Director Was Shocked When Emmy Winner Agreed to Appear in His Movie

By Stan Friedman

REDWOOD CITY, CA (November 13, 2014) — A neighbor had asked Tony Gapastione “six or seven times” to consider helping a teacher at her child’s school perform Shakespeare.

“I love Shakespeare, that’s what I grew up doing,” says Gapastione, an actor and the creative arts pastor at Peninsula Covenant Church. But “I had no time to direct a bunch of kids, most of whom spoke English as their second language. Finally I said I would meet this teacher.” Continue Reading »

Simpson: Redemption Found in Telling Story of Mother’s Illness, Impact on Family

CHICAGO, IL (November 10, 2014) — Amy Simpson is the editor of Christianity Today’s, senior editor of Leadership Journal, and author of the award-winning book Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church. Her mother experiences severe schizophrenia and has been hospitalized multiple times, generally when she has stopped taking her medications. Simpson spoke Saturday at North Park University’s daylong symposium “Being Present: A Faithful Response to Mental Illness,” which attracted 250 people. News editor Stan Friedman spoke with Simpson prior to the event. Continue Reading »

President of Mexican Covenant Church: Election Affirms Women’s Gifts

CHICAGO, IL (November 7, 2014) — Marisol Martinez says her recent election to be president of the Covenant Church of the Central and South Districts of Mexico (IEMP) is evidence that the denomination is willing to empower women. Continue Reading »

New Portrait of Paul Carlson on Cover of the Companion

By Stan Friedman

CHICAGO, IL (October 30, 2014) — David Westerfield says he hopes his portrait of Dr. Paul Carlson that he created for the cover of The Covenant Companion’s November issue captures the joyful spirit of the missionary who was martyred 50 years ago in Congo. Continue Reading »

Voices: Churches Can Help Stop Sexual Violence in College by Educating Children, Teens

HONOLULU, HAWAII (October 29, 2014) — Editor’s note: Corrie Gustafson is an ordained Covenant pastor and a Pacific Southwest Conference regional coordinator with the denomination’s Advocacy for Victims of Abuse ministry. She currently serves as the K-5 chaplain at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Gustafson spent her first seven years in ministry working with college students on several campuses in the U.S. and Canada. After publishing Gustafson’s article on the high incidence of sexual assault on college campuses, Covenant News Service asked her to write another that focused on how churches and parents could prepare students for college related to this issue. Continue Reading »

Failure Birthed Ministry of the “Billy Graham of the Andes”

CHICAGO, IL (October 24, 2014) — Editor’s note: Evangelical Covenant Church of Ecuador members living around the city of Cayambe have been working to construct a home for at-risk children. Eight of the nine churches were started by Jaime Lomas, the “Billy Graham of the Andes.” He died in January. Retired Covenant Missionary Nancy Reed recounts his life. Continue Reading »

Chaplain Serves Hospital Where He Was Born

ATTLEBORO, MA (October 16, 2014) — Covenant minister Glenn Rounseville has an unusual connection to Sturdy Memorial Hospital, where he has served as a chaplain since March 2010. His great-grandfather, Wilfred Rounseville, was one of the founding physicians, and Rounseville was born there 48 years ago. Continue Reading »