Job Descriptions for Church Leaders

When recruiting volunteers to assist in the leadership of the church, a written job description helps them understand the responsibility as well as the support and resources that accompany that responsibility. Job Descriptions for Church Leaders provides over thirty sample job descriptions for board, team and committee positions that many churches use. These descriptions provide a starting point for churches with no written job descriptions or a resource for evaluating and improving the existing job descriptions your church may have.

Some church leaders will benefit from using Job Descriptions for Church Leaders with the workshop design Roles and Responsibilities of Board/Council/Leadership Team and Committee Members. This resource provides a two-hour discussion guide that can be used in a workshop/retreat format or two one-hour discussion sessions. The discussion guide familiarizes leaders with their job descriptions and encourages them to consider possible plans for the coming year. This resource includes a leader guide and PowerPoint.

Job descriptions – Download now
Roles and Responsibilities Leader Guide – Download now
Roles and Responsibilities PowerPoint – Download now

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    This resource is developed primarily to provide a model for churches with no existing position descriptions for their leaders.">
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