License for Theological Students

Description of License

This license is for full-time theological students serving Covenant congregations or institutions in fulfillment of the requirements of their educational program. It is valid for one year and authorizes the holder to perform all ministerial functions subject to state regulations.


The license for theological students is for degree-seeking students in a qualified theological school. The work for which a candidate receives the license must be a part of the seminary requirement, normally internship or field education. The license is only valid for the time the student is engaged in such internship or field education. It may be renewed if the student continues to meet the requirements of the credential.


The applicant must be a member in a Covenant congregation and must submit a signed baptism statement and background check, criminal record screening, and other documents.


  • If attending North Park Theological Seminary (NPTS) or CHET, the candidate applies directly to the school. The license is signed by the director of field education at NPTS or the president of CHET and forwarded to the Department of the Ordered Ministry to process.
  • If attending any other seminary, the candidate contacts his or her conference office for a license packet.
  • The conference office sends the packet to the candidate.
  • The candidate completes all of the necessary paperwork, making sure to sign the license application, check all boxes, and obtain the signature of the local church chairperson on the back of the application. He/she then sends all of the paperwork back to the conference office.
  • The conference office receives this paperwork, making sure that none of it is incomplete or missing. If necessary, the conference office contacts the candidate to inform him or her of what is missing.
  • The conference committee on ministerial standing interviews the candidate in the fall or spring, using the licensing paper as the basis for the interview. The committee makes its recommendation.
  • Once the paperwork is complete, the conference office makes copies for its records, and then sends all originals to the Department of the Ordered Ministry.
  • At this time, the Department of the Ordered Ministry will issue an interim license, which will be in effect until June 30.
  • The candidate will be in a relationship with a supervisor from his or her seminary while the license is held.
  • If the candidate needs the license renewed after June 30, he or she must contact the conference office (or NPTS or CHET, if enrolled there) and request another license application.