Departments | In order to carry out our comprehensive mission to see more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world, the ECC has established particular special-focus departments. These departments both advance particular initiatives for their specialty, and work collaboratively on additional matters. To learn more about departments, use the links below.

Making and Deepening Disciples

(encompasses Christian Formation, Women Ministries)

Starting and Strengthening Churches

(encompasses Church Growth & Evangelism)

Developing Leadership

(encompasses portions of Church Growth & Evangelism and Ordered Ministry)

Loving Mercy and Doing Justice

(encompasses Compassion, Mercy, and Justice)

Serving Globally

(encompasses World Mission)

Offices | These units provide common services to all departments, such as accounting and information technology. Offices include Bethany Benefits and Pension, Building and Grounds, Business/Finance, Events, Communication, Information Technology, National Covenant Properties, and Office of the President. To find contact information for specific offices, click here.

Affiliates | Additional areas of particular scale and regulatory complexity are addressed through the establishment of affiliated institutions and corporations such as camps and retreat centers, institutions of higher education, fiscal service providers, and health care and residences across North America.