CWR Funds Critical in Treating Victims of Conflict

TUNISIA (June 15, 2011) The nine-year-old boy was playing outside his house in Libya when a sniper shot him in the head.

Relatives were able to get him to a hospital across the border in Tunisia, where refugees from the ongoing war have fled. Doctors twice operated on the boy’s brain. It still was enlarged when a Portland, Oregon, physician volunteering with Medical Teams International (MTI) visited the hospital recently and met the boy.

Despite the boy’s ordeal, he was in good condition, the doctor says. The boy’s father told the physician that his son’s healing was “a miracle of God.”

The hospital is one in the region that is operating using medicines and other supplies provided by MTI, a partner with Covenant World Relief. “Our medical volunteers visited the hospitals and clinics that received the shipments and reported that the items we have sent have made an enormous difference,” says Marlene Minor, MTI vice president of communications.

The Covenant’s relief and development arm has provided enough funds for MTI to purchase and ship enough supplies necessary for treating up to 10,000 people for a three-month period.

The supplies have been desperately needed, especially in the Tunisian facilities, says Minor. “In some cases, hospitals were completely out of supplies and medicines. Surgeons were preparing to operate without medicines or the necessary instruments when our shipments arrived – with just the items they needed.”

Fighting in the areas close to the border have intensified recently, according to multiple news agencies. Forces loyal to Gaddafi launched attacks at border crossings on Tuesday.

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